I would like to introduce you to the KEL-MAR short bot.
In the backtests it performs quite well, but unfortunately it catches 2 or 3 liquidations (differs per exchange) in the past. But you can work around that with a lower Base Order of e.g. 30-50%.
It does not start a lot of deals, but almost all deals are profitable.
In the beginning I did not have a timer for closing deals, but then the deals sometimes stayed open for 20+ days, normally that is not really a problem, but because of the funding fees it can become unfavorable. That is why I have now set the closing timer to 5 days, which is the most profitable in terms of number of days.
There is also a stoploss active, and it is set on webhook, the advantage of that is that you don’t have to set a percentage stoploss, but you can use the “Move Stop Loss”. If the deal is now 1% in the plus, it sets an SL at +0.5% (higher values give less profit).

If you guys see any improvements, I’d love to hear about them!

And as always I have the bot with a small amount of funds on real active, I will keep you updated.

I haven’t further tested it with other coins, that’s up to you guys :wink:


Thanks for dharing , i will backtest it tonight

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Seems to me that most of the issues can be easily solved by running the strategy on spot - no liquidation price, no funding fees.
The only thing I’m not too sure is the overview chart but the avg daily and net profit look pretty good :moneybag:

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Can we run Short bot with spot?

That’s true, but that is a lot less profit :rofl:

Yes that is possible, with BTC you sell BTC and buy it back at a cheaper moment.

Yes selling the pre-bought asset

I’ll make a post-tutorial on how to short in spot and share some ideas and strategies :+1:




DYOR :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing, will try it tonight

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