Live Bot not opening deals when conditions are met

Bug info:

Live bot sometimes doesn’t open deals when conditions are met. Backtested this bot and it for example missed 3 deals on 10-5-2024 and 1 on 12-05-2024.

We can’t find any obvious reason so we added a few more logs and will monitor for a bit more. I will update again in the coming day or two once we have more info.

ok, thanks for monitoring. would be nice if you could find the issue.

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Now we know the problem: The indicators are not appropriately processed in Kucoin when there is low liquidity. We are investigating the best solution and will update you tomorrow. In the meantime, you can try another coin with higher liquidity, and it should work as expected.

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Ok thx! I also noticed it just opened a deal on DUSK (664378fd19d44decc30f60f5) but entry price is not correct.

I thought i hit the jackpot (+13000%) and closed the deal manually via Gainium. But there’s something wrong with de decimals I think. Dont know if this is the same issue?

We found the issue. Will be deploying the patch later :slight_smile: