Massive loss due to combo bot issue

Bug info:
Massive loss due to combo bot.

See Images attached.
Unsure what happened as deal remained untouched


It’s not a bug in the combo, is the effect of the delayed order processing that happened during the market dump. The TP was triggered:

During the dump the exchange took several minutes to process the cancelling of the grid. By the time it finished, the price had already gone down.

As I mentioned on the combo video and several other places, the combo needs to cancel the grid before being able to sell the remainder base. The more grids you have the longer it will take. This happens within 10 seconds most of the time, but the delay in order processing made it several minutes.

To avoid this kind of problems, I would suggest removing the TP, and/or increase the grid spacing to reduce the number of lines and the time it takes to close the grid.

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Wouldn’t it be a good idea to trigger a first sell order, then cancel grid and place a last order? This could help I guess.

Coz last day, on bybit, cancelling was OK but (yeah not related) it took about 1h to place 27 orders :sweat_smile:. Exchange can be really really slow sometimes… Was the worst ever.

That is a good work around.
Execute the market order first and then start canceling the grid orders.
Even if grid orders fill up it can be manually managed as position sizes won’t be big

Can this work @aressanch

The base that you need for that sell order is locked in the grid, nothing can be sold until the grid is cancelled

Whoops, of course yeah… :man_facepalming:

The loss in my case happened in futures.
So no such restrictions.

Can we do different logic for perps i.e sell position first?

Yep I confirmed with Maksym that it could be done in futures. We will implement it on Monday


Can we also have grid orders cancelation in futures starting from orders closed to the price rather than now which closes orders most far away from the price

Yes it will be done like this

It was implemented today, it will be released on the app update scheduled later.


Closed a few deals in futures and i still see that futures position is being closed last
Also sell grid lines are being sold closest to the price till the top after which buy lines are being closed.
This is not ideal

Ideal order of closing will be:-

  1. Close position first
  2. Closing grid or DCA lines closest to the current price first whether it be buy or sell ones

In our case, its not possible to close the position before all reduce orders are canceled (which is sell orders in your case). Each deal will reduce the position by the qty it increased the positon.
There is possibility to close the position with one call, but if you have multiple deals of the same position or multiple bot of the position all of them will be closed.

oh okay what you think is most efficient way

The best way is how it works now. Cancel reduce orders, close the position, cancel other orders.