Max SL for entire bot activity, reached cancel all deals and stop the bot

It would be interesting to have the possibility of setting the bot with a general SL, as on some bots in pionex for example.

The problem is that if the trade opening condition is unfavourable for too long, e.g. when panic selling is needed, the bot could drain all the capital in the account because it keeps opening orders which, in this particular case of a “black swam” market, quickly leads to taking SLs or continuous liquidations. I currently use live bots on segregated accounts (sub-accounts) to limit the possible damage, but it would be interesting to have the option of setting a fixed overall loss figure for the bot to close automatically all deals and stop.

Thank you.

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Hi @lorenzo

The Bot controller feature cannot help you with this? It allows you to stop a bot when certain conditions defined by you are met.

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We have this feature planned for the bot controller already. Will be implemented soon.