Minimal Smart Dynamic Combo

What would happen if we used combo bots without intermediary grid levels?
Backtest results

I haven’t really thought about it and maybe it doesn’t lead anywhere. But maybe someone else want to try out something like that as well?

Configuration 2
Backtest results 2

Overall the combo bot is so complex that my head hurts.

That’s part of the learning process - if it doesn’t hurt we are in the confort zone - means not learning

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Can you give a bot more insight about the strategy and the settings used and why if possible?

I will try to check it later. I just found the results not too bad even though they were less than buy’n’hold. As I wrote:

If Buy and hold is higher than profit sometimes doesn’t mean you are better buying and holding your crypto - give you an example, if I run an accumulation bot collecting base, the base collected is generated as free money. The value of that base is attached to the market price fluctuation but the free base you printed is free (profit). Better to look at the equity curve then - hope it makes sense