Move stop los to break even after certain condition is given


I would like to have a function that if the trade is for example 2% in profit, the stop loss will automatically move to break even or slightly above.


I think this is already possible by using training SL - instead of you were wondering about a condition (like indicators for example) then it’s something new

But wouldn’t a trailing SL always exist. So even if the price doesn’t move into profit it would be at -2 % and close the deal? Move to break even is more like that we haven’t got a stop loss initially configured. But as soon as the price has reached the profitable area with a given percentage, we don’t want to go back into losses again.

This can be achieved already with Move Stop Loss

That is, we configure a SL at -99% and move it to break-even as soon we have reached a certain profit percentage?

You can set the SL when the deal open and then move it, or not place it at all and only set it when the move SL is reached. For the second option you can choose webhook as the SL mode, so when the deal start it won’t have any.

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Thanks, i didn’t know that this was already possible

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