Multi-pair temporal DCA

Is there a chance to implement temporal DCA that is working as follows:

A multi-pair bot opens several deals and after a fix time, e.g. a day, it only adds funds to the deal with the biggest deviation at that time. This also only happens if there are enough funds available. In case of leveraged trading also the margin has to be considered to not increase the risk to more than a given percentage to prevent any liquidation as good as possible.

Can be interesting but also quite risky. If we are in a bull trend, I’m not sure that I would want to pick the coin that is performing the less, even if the potential is bigger compared to the others. If one day I want to use something like this, I would only choose coins that I really trust because I fon’t want to automatically buy Luna for example. In what situation do you imagine this feature to be useful for you?

The opposite could be useful, I mean buying back the coin that is performing the best in a bull trend seems more optimal. What do you think?

Both options could be interesting indeed. I was asking for the opposite because of a strategy that was shared at another bot provider.


  • This strategy uses a combination of long and short positions to hedge against market movements.
  • It requires a minimum capital of 311 USD per position.
  • You need to keep 100% of your funds on the exchange .
  • The strategy uses maximum leverage .
  • You need to manually close short positions (SO) based on your daily profit.

Key Points:

  • Hedge Mode: Long + Short
  • Entry Price (BO): 12 USD
  • Initial Stop Loss (SO): 12 USD (needs to be adjusted manually later)
  • Daily Profit Calculation: After daily closing, calculate profit using the formula: (Unrealized profit + Maintenance margin) / Position size = Average capital per position
  • Manual SO Calculation: (Daily profit / Average capital per position) / 4 = Number of SO positions to close
  • Take Profit: Not specified, but the strategy uses a trailing stop loss to protect profits.
  • Risk Management:
  • Unrealized defense: 5%
  • Do not open more positions than recommended.
  • Do not use less than maximum leverage.
  • Do not close more positions than recommended based on the daily profit calculation.
  • Do not use more than 25% of your daily profit for manual SO.
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