Multiple active Bots

Hello, how can I prevent multiple bots from opening trades at the same time? Is this only possible via subaccounts?

Hello and welcome,

can you tell us more about the use case for this? What exactly are you trying to accomplish or avoid?

Do you want to prevent two separate bots to start deals for the same pair at the same time?

For example,if i have one bot for btc and one bot for eth, both via api on one unified trading account.
I have programmed the bots base order and DCA on %of Total account for better R:R calculation, i want to prevent that the other bot is changing the total of the account while the other is in a trade.
This would change my total and all the calculation at backtesting.

I think the way to accomplish this would be to start a multi pair bot with btc and eth, and allow one max deals. So the bot will only open one at any given time.

Can I run the multi pair on different settings for each pair?

And with the deal start condition Webhook and the pair inside the JSON

  "action": "startDeal",
  "uuid": " * * *   My UUID   * * * ",
  "symbol": "BTC_USDT"

we define what deal to start.

Alternatively, you could use separate sub-accounts for each bot.

No, you can’t. The settings will be the same for all pairs. But if you control your bot with external signals, you could at least control some details differently like when to open a deal or add funds or close the deal.