New bot for tradingview strategy

Hello, i would like to request a whole new bot which can handle a tradingview strategy with 1 alert.
In other words, the strategy has multiple inputs ,like start conditions, trailing tp, trailing sl etc.
Wouldn’t it be nice if our developers could make a bot who can handle and execute all signals with 1 alert in tradingview.

Hope it makes sense, if you like this idea please vote

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This is already possible when connecting APIs directly to an exchange - although SPOT isn’t very popular

Can you explain what you mean?

Gainium bots can already do this.

he strategy I use has multiple conditions coded into it which triggers a single alert to start the bot, the alert tells Gainium dynamically when to put in a safety order and then tells Gainium when to close the deal.

more complex strategies aren’t still supported by Gainium - like multi TPs (decrease position size) or close conditions other than SL and TP - I’m sure they will be added soon but I can see where @bertran74 suggestion is coming from

Thanks for the replies and votes.

Like rossano says, not everything is possible yet, maybe someone can make a simple tutorial on how to setup a (existing) tradingview strategy to gainium.

Not at bybit, at not at the dutch website

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