New column added to bot statistics

Morning, is it possible to have a new column, total profit ÷ trading time = x%

Now it shows this for example

Total profit is not 11 daily in my opinion

Isn’t that what Average daily gives us?

The bot’s total realized P&L divided by the trading time in days (excluding ‘eror’ and ‘range’ status)

(@aressanch: By the way, there is a #typo in error.)

No that’s not correct, avg daily is based on closed deals, total profit ÷ trading time = x%, this would show the realistic stats in my opinion

So what does it show currently and what do you expect instead?

1 deal was closed, it says 5% avg daily
This only changes when another deal is closed, lets say it takes 5 days before this happens, in my opinion then the real avg daily should drop every day to 1% daily till the next deal closed.