Non KYC Exchange

There are so many KYC exchanges but not a single Non KYC exchange yet. So many of us have been operating on non kyc exchanges. I recommend

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The problem with no KYC exchanges is that at some point will become regulated with KYC to operate is just matter of time - it happened already that exchanges with no KYC were introduced then become fully regulated.

Better to see in what regions exchanges have been banned and allow those exchanges that operates globally avoiding restrictions

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I am not sure if I understand you. I would think if you are somewhere that does not require KYC, when you sign up with a KYC exchange, they’d still get you to KYC.

I’ve noticed quite a few exchanges who became KYC revert or relaxed their policy just so they can get more customers. Also seeing diehard exchanges relocate themselves several times to avoid KYC. Best is defi exchanges, that are just too hard to track. We have to stay ahead of the curve, not be victims of enslavement :slight_smile:

DEXs are different - all CEX exchanges will be regulated at some point is only matter of time

theyve been playing catchup since they invented the internet. the people are sooo far ahead of them in so many ways, they hv never caught up. new technology that liberate humanity gets better and better. sorry i disagree with you. we hv been winning, and to hv a defeatist attitude while running so far ahead, is asking to lose and to succumb. keep running, you are winning! :slight_smile:

It’s not my personal opinion exchanges to operate need to be compliant with the government regulations AKA will slowly be regulated by KYC for their customers - those that are not regulated like most of the exchanges in the past will slowly be regulated in the future


We can’t add an CEX just because they don’t KYC, because it’s a matter of time until they do. So if after we spend time and money building the integration they decide to KYC, then we wasted resources on that.

KYC will be mandatory for all CEX sooner or later, they are the point of conversion from fiat to crypto, which has money laundering potential.

What we could add is a DEX with an API system similar to CEX, so we can easily integrate. I believe Apex protocol is one of them.


Yep just a few uses the same CEX’s API system