Notification by mail (global notifications)

Notifications on all activities about a deal (buy, sell, sl, …) by mail.

E-mail is almost better than an app, because there are already many other tools that can hook you when you receive an e-mail.

So those who prefer to receive a notification via Telegram can do so from an email without having to build a tool that goes from Gainium into Telegram (for example)

Hook a mailserver to the bot at least for users from a certain subscription plan.

I think would be better to skip this and spend more time doing the notifications directly on telegram or in app - notification by email could be difficult to handle by 90% of the users who haven’t got the time to connect them to a third parties system - nerds like us would be easy but not for everyone

personal opinion :heart_hands:

If someone hava a mobile phone and a gmail (many obviously :slightly_smiling_face:) could easily set up the notification on phone by chose a ‘label’ that is assigned by a filter inside gmail.

Mail is wide adopted, others (social) app are for personal taste or geographical area.
Arrange a mail server is more easy and less costly for Gainium to serve this kind of request (to be notified outside gainium web platform)

I understand the absolutely noble intent of simplifying operations to enable many to use certain functionalities…

From my experience, I believe that the context of using Gainium, operating in the financial crypto markets, is extremely to be taken with caution.

The many, who further facilitated by the ‘simple things’, enter this sector will go on to fill the ranks of the 95% who lose money!

… at least make them study a little! :joy:

Personally, I promote helping each other, but to get an understanding of what one is doing individually, to acquire a ‘hedge-alpha’ possibly, and not to throw in as many people as possible.
Personally, I have lost a lot of money that I would have absolutely better utilised by even simply buying a pizza! so I don’t invite anyone to go down this route, because I know they will take the same, painful steps.


I think we are referring to two different things - user experience isn’t the same as learning.
Notifications system has to be simple and mindless

You are not alone. I really wonder where those are that ever gained something by trading.