Notification sounds - Closed deals

It will be great to have the option of notification sounds in the platform. The idea is to have a blip sound every time we close a position similar to TradingView or exchanges (in platform notifications).

I understand for someone could be annoying or distracting when not needed therefore a ON/OFF toggle will be essential.


I like that, like a casino :sweat_smile:

Feel free to vote it then :joy:

Jokes apart I used to run a third parties software just to get notified of all closed deals.

Sometimes when there are nice movements in the market you can open deals manually and catch the momentum by simply listening to the number of closed deals :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

Also I think it will tight very well with the possibility to have a deals page where we can have a overview of all opened deals (similar to the screenshot below)

Benefits over the exchanges would be that when using subaccounts we can only get the notifications for that account and that pairing while with a built in notification we can get notified by every deal closed on any subaccounts and any connected exchanges all in the same page

Hi @Rossano ,if possible, wich platform is that in pictures, I have never see :disguised_face: before !? thanks

3c portfolio manager but now a day it’s difficult to find the software and the downside is that works only with 3commas

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Would you be able to share that software somehow?

I may be - I’ll share her if I find it no probs

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