Problems deploying grid sell order in the market dump?

Bug info:

It seems that the bot is not able to place sales grids immediately in cases of a market crash. How does the bot solve this? Will it calculate the new grids correctly so that it is balanced again? As you will see, a large hole now appears where there should be buy orders.

During high volatility all systems are busy and slow processing orders, in our side as well as the exchange. I can see 1 minute candles going through many grid lines at once, there is no way the bot will have time to wait for the exchange response about filled orders, send new ones, and confirm sell orders were placed. By the time the exchange processed the sell orders, the price had already increased, that’s why you see an accumulation of red dots in the graph. Those should have sold lower, but in this instance it resulted in more profit.

To avoid this kind of issue it is recommended to increase the grid spacing.

As for the gap, the dev will check. In the meantime, have you tried restarting the bot? Are there any errors in the bot events widget?

Hi Ares, I usually use 2% or 2.5% spacing to take advantage of lower volatility moves, 5% seems too spacing to me, but I’ll keep it in mind.
I restarted the bot but it did not solve the gap, and as for the error, I thought that a little capital was missing, something that the error did not appear before. But I immediately closed it assuming loss.

I had such problems with bybit. It could be lagging but it’s able to auto fix. During this time, orders are still proceeded in the exchange, but display could be lagging and missing new orders.

Restart should fix. Or you have the same problem I had today with bybit. Closed a grid and opened another one. Cancelling orders was fast. But creating new orders, I’m not sure it’s done, maybe 1h wait, never had that, crazy lags and even binance had issues (but yet much faster than bybit).

I’m yet unsure that it’s all because of exchange. Displaying grid bots list show that’s it’s slower and sometimes blocking. Ah, my grid is done, it was just 27 orders, and it took literally 1h about just for that, no joke.