Profits show less upon page refresh

Bug info:I have been watching my combo bot. I have been keeping a close eye on my profits. It seems that each time I refresh the page, my profits are less…sometimes as much as $1 less. What is happening? Just checked again and another $.5 is gone.

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Is it realized profit or unrealized?
Unrealized calculates on your side every minute since page loaded. In some circumstances, if your page in the background, browser can block background requests. When you reloaded the page you force to recalculate it. Absolute numbers are not so important, important is % between reload. 1$ from 1000$ deal or 1$ from 10$ deal is very different %

Thanks for the reply. But it is grid profit. so I do not see how refreshing the page would show a lower profit. if anything, refreshing the page should show any profits that were not showing because the page was not displaying all trades. It is a combo bot. So it will not lose in a trade, only make profit.

I will check grid profit update in real time. Grid profit could change in both directions. If its a long bot than buy order will produce loss because of fee, it will generate profit when sell order will be filled.

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What difference are we talking about? I reckon it’s possible to incur small loses, for a long bot of you only have buy orders without sell, you would be negative the same amount as exchange fee. Exchange fees can only be covered by the sell. If during your refresh there were buy orders it’s possible that the profit changed

The differences were small…sometimes $.2 up to $1. But it could have been because I have been editing the bot to try and follow the price down. Or, yes, it may be the fees. I just don’t know. It seems we can add DCA lines now to the combobot. Is that correct? Or could we always do that? But I want to thank you and Maksym for creating the greatest trading app ever. I don’t know what I would do if something happened to Gainium. All other trading platforms are a pale comparison to this app. Have you considered a lifetime subscription fee, instead of monthly subscriptions? It would be great to pay once and not have to worry about monthly payments. Or heck, just let me buy a downloadable combo bot! LOL

Thanks for the compliments :slight_smile:

What you suggested is a good idea. I was hesitant to offer lifetime deals because of lifetime server resources. However, if we were to package Gainium in a docker container and let the users run the app 100% local, it could work. Mind you, the machine must be on and connected to the internet. I will look into it.

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Wonderful! You are welcome about the compliment and is true. Yes, I understand about the machine always having to run and I was going to use a VPS to run it. Or, if it would be able to run as a webpage, using an address from the app, that would be good too. Please keep me updated, And once again, thanks!

Ares, what would be the timeframe of this? Also, would it be a tiered system? And, what about the cost? Do you have any ball park figures for any of this?

I don’t have a timeline yet. It would be a big project, and risky to devote so many resources without being able to anticipate the interest. What I may do is pre-sale the idea, and if it reaches a certain number of sales we will go ahead, if it doesn’t we will refund the money.