Rebalancing bot

Hi there,

I’m having a little question : I would like to use a bot that, after a while, will look at value from 2 assets and buy / sell to match same value. I’ve no idea how to call that and if this kind of bot exists already.

The idea is simply to buy like 1k usd of both btc and eth, then the bot always rebalance if usd value doesn’t match anymore (50%).

So while btc go up but not eth, sell some btc for eth, etc…

Any idea?


Yes this type of bot is called a rebalancing bot. We don’t have it yet but I am moving the topic to feature requests so others can vote for it.

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Another bot provider offers those but apparently forgot to maintain them. They are hidden in a sub menu, allow users to define presets of currency percentages for the portfolio and show virtual stats about how that rebalancing would have performed until today. If activated they regularly rebalance the accounts assets.

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