Refactor bot presets

Please, review the bot presets by time. There are thousands of them and in my opion they are becoming less and less useful. Inter column filters or comparisons maybe could help to give them back some sense. Or maybe grouping similar settings. Without that it’s becoming a massive list that doesn’t seem to add much value. Don’t let it end like another bot provider its presets.

Do any actually provide good results?

It’s difficult to say because they are almost impossible to compare. For me it looks as if for most of them buy and hold outperforms the bots’ results.

Yes. I haven’t found any that are even remotely interesting.

Better stuff in the Trading Strategies / Bot Setups category.

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That’s why I was asking whether the presets could be refactored. For me they no longer add any value as they currently are.

Mine does :sunglasses:
But it is an adaptation on Ares’ BB%B strategy, so all credits to him!
On paper they go pretty well, and my real version (even more modified than the paper version) doesn’t go bad either.

But I do agree with you, there is quite a lot of “ pollution ” in that list, and I think there are also some among them with huge profit percentages that are not even possible in terms of available amount of funds. For example, I think I saw 1 with 12 max active deals, and it uses 25% per deal…

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