Resizable DCAs distance volume based

I’m thinking about a resizable distance between DCAs based on volume for combo and trading bot - when we set 3% DCA gaps but the market doesn’t move it will be great if the bot could dynamically adapt resizing the gap distance between our DCAs.

This can help find risk and funds management and to collect profit even when the market slow down.

The bot can increase the distances between our DCAs when we have higher volumes and decrease the gaps when there isn’t much volume.

This could be the base to build other features for trading bots, grids and combo


We have something like this already scheduled soon, to space the DCAs based on ATR

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Sounds great :+1:
Have you thought about combining with single candle size indicator for analyzing the characteristics of individual price bars and identifying specific candlestick patterns, which can offer insights into short-term price movements or potential trend reversals?

Similar approach is used for Candle Engulfing which measures the size of the current and previous candle. If current candle (in the same direction) is X time bigger than the previous one, than resize the gap of x%

Looking forward to use it :orange_heart:

This last approach sounds interesting Rossano. Do you use any indicator for this?

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Hello Dear and Welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I have beta tested this concept a while ago on a different platform and I was quite impressed by the way it works - I don’t remember the actual indicator name but if I find it I will pin you here :two_hearts: