Restart combot after stop

pls help with setup bot. -

for example i want use Supertrend Indicator for create grid orders when get signal to UP (long, green line)
and close deal when supertrend change state to down?

how i can do it by cycle?

The combo doesn’t have the option to close by indicator yet. What you can do is set up the bot controller by indicator, but this will turn off the bot and you will need to manually enable it again. Here is a link you can copy with those settings: Gainium app

Note that backtests with the bot controller won’t be accurate because once the bot is turned off it won’t trade anymore in the backtest period. That’s the reason why the stats are empty, the link provided is for you to check the settings.

but close deal by indicator it’s good feature.
Because i can setup bot for continuos work.

may be you can add this feature?