Safety Feature: Bot Cooldown or stop based on SL condition


I’m looking for a feature where the bot stops running after for example losing 10 deals in a row. I know there is the “cooldown” Feature but I would only cooldown or even stop when I have loosing deals not winning (so it’s based on conditions).

Would that be a new Feature or is this already possible somehow?

This would be a nice feature for the bot controller. Right now you can stop after X deals but it doesn’t matter if profit or loss. I guess it could be done for stopping bot after X losing deals. Now the question would be if X total losing deals or X losing deals in a row. I would be more inclined to use it for X losing deals in a row.


Yes thats what I would like, X loosing deals in a row. I have a bot with ASAP condition and a lot of deals, if there is a liquidation event I want to stop otherwise I lose to much.

Would be awesome to have this feature.