See profits for each trade

Where do I see the profit for each grid trade on a combo bot?

GRID PROFIT at the under the bot settings in the BOT DEAL section

All I see there is the total grid profit. Not for each grid and dca trade.

I see what you mean now - look at the order column and click on the little “i” next to the order number

That will show the orders. But not the P&L for each trade.

Scroll down you will find the bot minigrid tab - there you will see the P&L column

i have checked those many times and it will not show the latest P&L for the latest trades. No matter if I click the open or closed tab.

No. the time is not the problem. It is showing the correct time. i was looking at it incorrectly. So I do not know why it is not showing P&L when I click the closed tab in the bot minigrids section.

@aressanch may have an explanation for this

Thanks. The only way I can see the buys and sells, besides in the bot deal section, is in the orders section. But that doesn’t show P&L for each order either.

We don’t have the breakdown of grid profits for combo yet.

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Thanks Ares. It would be great to see that in the future.