Sell displacement

Bug info:

  • Bot URL → Gainium app
  • [Optional] Steps to reproduce ->Coinbase CoinPair USDC-EUR or any other stable pair
  • Expected result → sell displacemant 0.002 % on stable coin pairs

I wanted to try grid bot out on coinbase stable coins where the fees are 0.001% the system still thinks it is 0,6% and doesnt let me change it lower than 1.2% wich makes the grid bot useless for trading stables.
please fix this issue .

Hello there,

I can see that Coinbase is running a promo on fees, but this information is not sent via the API. Also they don’t say until when, so we cannot hardcode the values.

What we can do is to add the option to change the fee per exchange, at the user’s own risk. We will try to implement this week.