Something wrong with the Sell orders on my combo bot?

I think there are way to much sells too close to each other (see image)

Can you please check?

BotID: 6616ce23c5fb3439a27fc5db

How does it look in a smaller timeframe?

Iā€™m mostly sure this is because extremely high price movement. Sell orders placed when buy order are filled, but price movement was very high so sell orders was filled as market at better prices (they actually should be at lower prices). Filled prices and market fee included in combo grid profit.

Pretty much the same on a 1m timeframe.

Is there a way to prevent this? It nearly sold all my supply.

It is a short bot by the way.

@maksym.shamko Looks like the problem is that the bot sold more than it should have. Perhaps high movement or low liquidity messed up with the balances the bot thinks it has.

Found the issue, in this scenario the order queue was broken and the bot placed the DCA multiple times. It has been fixed. Sorry for the overselling, hopefully the price will come down and you can get a chance to refill your VIDT bags at better prices.

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Ah ok, yes lets hope the price drops a bit to rebuy.
Glad the error is fixed though.