Statistics GridBot value not yet correct?

Bug info:
A. Just made a simpel grindbot of USDT 10.
Made a TP of 2% on the value change. The bot hit TP and is closed now.

As far as I can see =
Value 10.23 = initial 10 + bot profit 0.07 + Pnl 0.16 = 10.23 (see picture 2)

But on (picture 1) the value is 10.19

Maybe thats because of fees? But than again should picture 1 and 2 not be the same, both incl. fees or excl. fees if this is the case?

B. Then the value change (picture 1) is 0.12 ? I don’t understand where this is coming from?
Should it not be closer to the 2% TP

Hope to hear…

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Hi Ellen,

For A) yes I think this is the fees being included in one value and not in the other, Maksym will check this.

For B), the TP was triggered at 2%. But remember that the bot needs to cancel the grid before placing the TP order. In this case, you can see that there was a 10 second difference between the TP being triggered and the TP being sent. In tokens with volatility or low liquidity there will be slippage, so the resulting % is not exactly 2%. You can shorten the time from TP reached to TP order sent by activating smart orders (less orders in exchange faster to cancel).

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thank you for the tip on Question B.

and will wait fo Maksym

In grid table was using free profit value, but for closed should use total profit. Also adjust rounding, and close transaction amount. Fixed.

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