Stop Loss Cooldown

Stoploss on the combo bots tend to be hit often in clusters. So can you introduce a stop loss cooldown timer in seconds or minutes with no upper limit please?

Just to clarify, do you mean to include a Cooldown option on the deal start condition, so that when a deal hits a SL it activates the timer cooldown and no new deals can be started while the cooldown is active. Correct?

Or more like: The SL level was reached, but we wait a little whether the price recovers?

Is this used to avoid SL during temporary high volatility or manipulated spikes?

yes, when price goes to the SL level, then reverse quickly in the direction of the trade


This is a feature that is common on many services. It is a double edged sword like many features. My experience is that it tends to provide benefit in flash dumps. It can also kill you when the price ‘genuinely’ drops quickly and then keeps going down.

As always one has to be aware of the pros and cons. But if it isn’t available there’s even no choice whether we want to use it or not - we simply can’t.


@d_yo_r is right any tool can be used to benefit or not your trading

Yes, that is correct Ares. When the market drops suddenly, it seems all indicators I use are unable to pick it up, so you end up with clusters of stoplosses, as the DCA or combo bot continues to restart deals. So if we can leave it for say a couple of days, so many of these clusters can be avoided and it would make a very significant difference to performance.

yeah, perhaps so. i see many times prices drop suddenly and the indicators i use cannot pick it up. the dca or combo bot will continue to open new deals, resulting in multiple stoploss hits, causing significant losses. if it can be delayed for a few days, these clusters will not exist and performance greatly improved.

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Yes it is also used to avoid liquidation when there are abnormal spikes

Any ETA on this one Ares? :slight_smile:

I don’t have a timeline yet we are still finalizing some features and bug fixing. Only you voted for it though, you need more support :joy: