Stop loss doesn't work?!

pls explain why stop loss doesn’t work?
I have settings TP 1% and 2%

From what I can see it worked as per your settings:

  • TP at 1% and 2%
  • SL is at -90
  • Move SL at 0.9 uPNL and SL value at 0.2% (both as positive value) - this means that if the price moves to +0.9% uPNL then the SL will move to +0.2%, so now your SL value -90% is ignored as the price moved to 0.9%.
    Hope it makes sense

It’s right - but why move SL doesn’t work? And price go down?

you are right that’s a bug, I’m sure @aressanch will help you with this

I sent info to dev, will update you.

Response from Maksym:

For most deals of the bot move sl works as expected. For this specific deal move sl wasn’t triggered because move sl depends on real time price update, which wasn’t received by the bot for about 2 minutes, therefore it missed entry point.

I added a workaround to force check move sl condition when multi tp order is filled

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That’s great so I may integrate the S-9 with Gainium while waiting for more webhooks :pray: