Stoploss Not Working (Trading Bot)

I have a peculiar result and have also noticed this in other backtests… I have deal losses much higher, despite setting stoploss for much lower. Is there something with the stoplosses that is not standard?

Here this bot is 1X and there’s a 24.5% loss despite a -5% stoploss set. The take profit is by indicator.


Bug info:

  • Bot URL → Gainium app
  • [Optional] Steps to reproduce → backtest 2021, 1m timeframe
  • Expected result → -24% loss in May 21

Hi @roni.chua

It may be slippage. From 05/19/2021 to 20/05/2021 you have the biggest fall of the bear market

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Thank you for your considered thoughts. Thing is in the backtesting don’t we specify the slippage already. so that should be set? i can see it could be slippage in real life, but with backtesting, shouldn’t any slippage be simulated and in a controlled environment and should not be so high?

You’re right. I don’t know if it can be due to the speed of the fall, if it’s not that I can’t help you… Maybe Ares or Maksym have an better idea of what it can be.

It was due to an incompatible settings, possibly for backtesting an old bot. We released a fix, you can try again after today’s update.

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thank you so much for quick response. this would help many tests iv done.