Strange backtest

Bug info:

Hi, i’m trying to backtest above combo bot, but i’m not sure if the results are correct.

Could you give us details about your backtest’s configuration. I copied the bot an started a backtest with those results.

Hi, i backtested from march 1 till now, but if i look at your results it also says zero closed deals, isn’t this strange?

Why is it strange? You can check the deal list tab and click on the open deals to see why they didn’t close. It seems no deal reached 10% profit or exited the top of the grid?

Ok, i just did, it opened 1 deal at the start.
Period 1 january till now.
Market exploded in march that’s why i think it’s strenge it didn’t close anything.

There was a bug indeed. Will be patched in today’s update.

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