TEMA moving avarage bought on top

I have a deal start indicator defined as TEMA with 20 and 50 length and a crossing up condition.

The bot bought at the top. To me it looks like there was a triple crossing from down to up and down again. See screen shot:

Is there a way to prevent this? Or did I do some misconfiguration?


PS This is how my condition looks:

Screenshot from 2024-04-30 15-24-16

It seems properly configured, and yes, there are times when both averages run close to each other and there are multiple crossings between them. It won’t be possible to filter all bad trades, but I find that using a slower moving average or another indicator like a supertrend helps. So I would add for example an extra condition supertrend must be bullish, in 4H or above. You can run a backtest and see the result.

Thanks for quick answer. I will do some experimenting with your suggestions.