Terminal deal on OKX has problems

Bug info:

I created a deal to buy $10 of PEPEUSDT at MARKET on OKX SPOT. I also placed a SL at -10% and a TP at +20%.

The bot purchased about $36 of PEPE, 3,000,000 PEPE in total. It then tried to place the TP (I think) for 3,000,000 PEPE and threw the error in the image.

On the chart in Terminal the SL line appears, but there is no TP line. There are currently no open orders on OKX.

It seems the bot did not take into account the fee for the purchase of the PEPE which was in BASE. Though, I also do not know why it bought $36 instead of $10.

Please let me know if you need further information. Thanks!

Thanks for the report, fixed.

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