Timebased HODL bot backtest

Why does a timebased HODL trading bot without take profit only open a single deal during the backtest even though 1000 open deals are allowed?

Can you post the link.

I haven’t saved it yet. I will create a new one and share its link later.

Those were the both time-based HODL bots that I tested:

  1. Backtest

  2. Backtest


Yes, did you also check the other? I set Max number of open deals: 10000000 there.

And how do you expect the bot to open thousands of deals when the frequency is once a day and there is 265 days of data?

The idea was to choose a number high enough that whatever testing period I choose the bot should be allowed to start a deal daily. I wanted to test buy and forget deals without a take profit. And since those would remain open and therefore counted as deal I have chosen that number. Or can we tell the bot to not take those deals into account? Unfortunately there’s no time-based DCA so those additional buy orders cannot be safety orders but have to be separate deals.

The bot opened 1 deal daily just as it was supposed to. Honestly I don’t understand what this thread is about.

Oh yes, you are right. I am really sorry for the inconvenience. All the deals are there, so there’s no need to worry. It was only the overview that tricked me.

Because there are no closed deals, it is showing 0. And of course, the graph assumes the funds for the thousands of deals to be there from the start, which they aren’t, so the equity is considerably less than buy and hold.

I’ll reduce the maximum number of allowed deals to 255 and start the test again.

The issue there is that the large number of allowed deals is the bot equity. That looks like 10 trillion dollars. So when the bot open it’s 255 deals the effect on the equity of unused funds is negligible, so it’s a flat line.

Yes, I reduced the number of allowed deals to the number of days and this time I could better compare the graphs.

  • 2022/09-2023/09 buy and hold would have been the better choice.

  • 2021/09-2023/09 daily buy orders would have been better: