Trading Bot couldn't sell FLOKI

Bug info:
Got an Error, Trading Bot couldn’t sell, looks a bit like a rounding problem to me:

Error: Not enough balance Order id: D-TP-ekZDj9tel3Jxmtm7FHZcvHn4f9Gzb5, side: sell, required qty: 135758.9 FLOKI, order type: deal close, balance total - 135758.8461 FLOKI, free - 135758.8461 FLOKI, required - 135758.9 FLOKI

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It’s always advisable to not use the minimum order size for other exchanges than Binance, that has fix minimum sizes, because it can change over time. Also minimal rounding issues can lead to deals that cannot be closed.

Thanks for your fast answer!

Yeah, really was already too near at minimum for this bot, already increased the orders a bit.

But do you think this also had something to do with the rounding issue? For me it looks like thats more or less independent.

135758.9 and 135758.8461 are very close to each other. If you add funds the deal should be able to get closed.

thought the same, but if its a issue gainium would like to fix on their side it might be
helpful to leave it.

Since its no big deal, I’ll keep it for now as it is.

Thank you d_yo_r!

I don’t think Gainium can do much about it. Do you want Gainium to add a security factor to the minimum order size that ensures that you cannot open deals without a little buffer in case of those changes? And how big shall this buffer be 1%, 5%, 20%, …?

As said, I suspect it wouldn’t be related to minimum order size, rounding issues could happen with higher values too IMHO.
Maybe I’m wrong at this point, IDK.
But sure, you’re right, such buffer doesn’t make much sense, also think Ares did mention it on his vids to leave more room over minimum.
Can’t say why I was that low on the base-order on hind sight.

Several exchanges adapt their minimum order size over time. The order size that was sufficient to open the deal, may be to small to close the deal later.

135758.9 FLOKI is minimum base amount. Bot misscalculated base order a bit, rounded it down.
As suggested its better to have some room, especially for Bybit. They are known to not fully fill orders, if price deviation is too high.

As a solution for the deal. You can manually buy, say 135759 FLOKI, it would be enough for deal to close, and also you should be able to sold it immediately. Or you can manually add funds to the deal, then it also would be enough to close the deal, and the bot will take care of remainder. Or you can wait for next DCA order to trigger, it also would be enough base to close the deal

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Thank you for your help guys,

I’ve added some funds and a DCA order was triggered later too, it could close the deal than.

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