TRADING BOT - negative deals

Bug info: This bot shouldn’t close deals in negative - I had quite a few yesterday wondering if it’s only related to high volatility since it didn’t even place the multi TP levels

It was slippage. From 0.53% to -0.37% in 10 seconds. Remember, the combo takes about 10 seconds to execute the TP or SL. It needs to cancel the grid, wait for confirmation that all orders have been cancelled, and then market order. There is no other way to do it, we need confirmation that there are no limits orders blocking or it won’t be able to sell the base. Most of the time it won’t be much of a difference, but every now and then you may see negative deals when there is volatility. You could increase the TP to 1%, that will lower the chance of closing at a loss.

Also, don’t post the bot UUID :sweat_smile:

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Very insightful information, I was also seeing a negative trade from a Rossano’s combo bot strategy and didn’t know why.

got you - sorry I’m very mindful about posting UUID - It was Friday afternoon under the sun :sweat_smile:

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How would the smart grid orders improve the speed? is it because only a fewer deals need to be cancelled and not all of them?

Yes smart orders can increase the speed in cancelling the grid, but if you put too few the bot may miss orders during high volatility, you need a balance.

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