Unable to add BinanceUS exchange


The following error is received when adding Binance US exchange:

6/27/2024, 12:50:42 PM | API keys not valid for spot

I have generated multiple API keys that all included SPOT and the three IP addresses to whitelist for Gainium, yet they all received the same error message.

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I have the same issue with binance spot account and also bybit

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For reference, I have tried to add the exchange periodically after waiting several hours with the same result:

6/27/2024, 7:45:32 PM | API keys not valid for spot

Hi, I’ve same issue today with my Binance Accounts “API keys not valid” - on Binance all looks ok.

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I have made a fix. Please check it now, you should be able to add the exchange.


I successfully added binance US. Thank you!