Unable to close deal


Can someone help please?
I used @Rossano S10 strategy and merged a lot of deals when btc went down. Now I’m in profit but unable to close the deal.

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This is one of the downsides of the S-10 - when we merge two or more deals into a new one the new deal needs to be re-set manually as the bot doesn’t transfer the TP and other informations down to the new merged deal.

The solution is to edit the opened deal (three dots on the deal in the opened deals panel) then click edit then set a TP

I may add a feature suggestion so when we merge the deals it automatically transfers the latest bot settings to the new merged deal

Hope it helps :blush:

Thanks for the report, Maksym closed the deal in profit. It was related to multi tp filled in child deals. It wasn’t properly calculated in parent deal. Fixed.

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Yes but I had an error and could not set any new TP level