Volume indicator set by default on chart

I don’t know why but volume is always covering my new opened charts. I have a buy the dip strategy and my point of interest is always on the bottom part of the chart.

So for me to analyze a deal I have to close the annoying message and then to delete the volume indicator, which is very “time counterproductive”.

I DCA with technical indicators on the 5m and this is what I see:

@aressanch already mentioned in another message that the

comes from Trading View and cannot be disabled.

If we would be able to save custom base layout, maybe that would help to remove the volume. On the other hand, the chart seems to be populated automatically according to its context. I wonder whether that could conflict with a custom default layout.

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I understand the need that charts get populated by context, I just wondered if we could get rid of the volume indicator that appears by default.

You can disable it just like you would in any TV chart.


Is just that you can’t save the chart preferences so it would need to be done each time you open the chart.

Disabling it every time is time consuming.