VWAP Indicator?

Hi, I think that this is something that has already been asked but i can’t find it on Gainium, VWAP are an interesting indicator that can be used to determine trends, but I have even seen people using it has entry indicators alone sometimes. Would be nice to test them (I can’t add the link to TradingView page but you will easily find it)

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Are you referring to that feature request?

This has been suggested in Discord as well. We will allow a grace period to let users move their feature requests from Discord and vote here. In any case I think this won’t take too long so we will try to get it done soon.

Will you transfer all previous feature requests? Would it be helpful to have subcategories for different areas like exchanges, DCA, Combo, Grid, Indicators, …?
Will you also transfer the roadmap?

I might transfer if I think there are some important ones left behind, I will give 30 days to their respective owners to transfer themselves so they can be notified directly.