Webhook deal starting on any pair on exchange trading-bot

Hi! I’d like to have a ‘trading bot’ that opens a deal on any pair specified via webhook and not necessarily limited to the 50 set, is this possible?

I haven’t tried it, but perhaps anticipating the deal opening request with one that configures the ‘pairsToSet’ array with the new pair would be possible?
I wouldn’t want to abuse the service, or is this simply not a solution that works?

For simplicity’s sake, what happens to already active deals if you send the server instruction to change the pairs array and the previous deal is no longer included (until the next open request which would be anticipated by the array entry)?


You can do that but first you have to make sure the bot can open that pair. You can chain 2 webhooks, the first one set the pair to whichever you want, the second one will open the deal on that pair.

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Open deals won’t be affected if you drop some or all of their pairs.

Thanks! I will try on paper account a bot that, in this way, could spread to a exchange_all_pairs and not only 50 fixed pairs.