Webhook TV doesn't work?

i setup TV star bot and deal for combobot
but it doesn’t work. - How i can troublshoot it and fix?

Webhook and URL and in alert in TV but nothing happen

Are you using Binance?
The webhooks have not worked ever since the bnfcr changes for me

I use bybit

The first place to check is in tradingview alert history, to see that the alert was fired. If it was, you can check the bot event history widget on the bot page, locate the event for incoming webhook and what was the payload received.

Please post it as a bug report so that we can investigate.

I have this settings in TV -
string in message i use from bot page.

Never ever share your uuid.

thx. But it’s paper trading

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And what does it say the bot events when the webhook being received? If you have no log of webhook received, then TradingView didn’t send the webhook to the right address, check the settings. Webhooks - Send signals from TradingView and other programs

Problem was in format.
When i change it - i get message in log.

But closedealSL doesnt Work.
i Concatenation signal for two bot in one alert and it’s closeDealSl didn’t work
only get message and never happen

“action”: “startBot”,
“uuid”: “”
{ “action”: “closeDealSl”, “uuid”: “” }

p.s.For future will be better if all message to bot will show in log
and if it has mistake -system write about it
For example you can look to another platform, how they relese this work. (i send private message with name)

Are those messages for two different bots? If the two messages depend on each other like the second cannot be done without the first, maybe there’s an option to add a delay between those?

I got work config
I remove startbot and use only startdeal closedealsl

It’s work fine.

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