What's the best bot to exit a position?

I’m trying to think of a way to sell some of my crypto and rather than going into the exchange and selling I’ll like something of a reverse dca bot. I’m thinking a short with a combo bot might work nicely but I’ll have to deal with a negative unrealized profit actually being a good thing. Ilike the idea of using the volume scale to sell some now and more as prices go up. Also if things go down i can accumulate more since I’m in no rush to sell. In the past I’ve set up a grid bot with the low side being at the current price but it never seemed to go perfectly.
Has anyone else used a bot to exit a position.

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Hi @vps191 !
You can try to create a short bot by yourself and share your findings here :grin: I already done this in the past and it worked quite well when backtesting on bear markets. Some suggestions that I have after reading your topic would be to backtest in similar conditions. I consider that we still are in a bull market, so I think that the most challenging part will be to create a short bot working on a bull market (consider to use trend indicators with short periods or no trend indicators at all). You also would want to test what had happenned with other coins in similr situations (similar market caps, volume, etc). And the last thing is that you have the option to do the shorts in base or in quote if you prefer to accumulate your coin.
Good luck with this!

I have a strategy for my long term holdings using combo bots. It’s made of two bots, one long profiting in base, and one short profiting in base. The difference is their price filters. For example in BTC the long bot won’t enter any trades over 70k, while the short bot won’t enter any trades under 60k. This is btc that I have been accumulating for a few years and it’s already well in profit. This is an accumulation-distribution strategy on autopilot, and I’m planning to share the full details as it’s own post maybe later today.

For coins I want to get rid of, I have a short combo profiting in quote. Just one deal, when the deal is done, so it’s my bag, but I have no hurry to sell.


When did you start crypto-trading?

Thing is I don’t really want a short bot that works in the normal way, rather one that just earns a bit more while I wait to sell off the base. My thought being that if prices go up ill be selling off little bits at a time rather than all at once now. And if things go down or sideways for a while I’ll make a little extra for when I decide to sell it off.

I like the idea of two opposite bots limited to the ranges where they will work. How often do you reset the filters?

How do you define the deal being done? A stop loss?

Seriously from November 2020, but before that I dabbed a few times.

We introduced the combo a few months back, and that was bear market accumulation period, I wasn’t thinking about taking profits at all. It was only after bitcoin hit 70k that I decided it was time to start selling. It’s tempting to think btc is going to 100k soon, but the reality is that we don’t know when, and the smart play is to sell some when there is greed and buy some more when there is fear.

Its just one deal, the combo automatically takes profit when the price exits the grid in the right direction.

If I am setting up a short combo bot in the hopes that prices rise and all my coins sell wouldn’t it be exiting the grid in the wrong direction. Thats why I was thinking a stop loss at the top of the grid so I end up with no more base and only quote. It will look bad in terms of profit/loss (negative) but thats what I want it to do. If I set the bot in as a long, I’ll have some profit but will be left with all the base still. I suppose I could set the long bot to run only once and place a manual trade to sell the rest with a price alert.