Why We're Moving to Our Own Forum: The Future of the Gainium Community

Hello Gainium Family,

As our community grows, we’ve explored ways to enhance interactions and streamline communications. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we are transitioning from Telegram and Discord to our dedicated forum platform powered by Discourse. Here’s why this is a big step forward:

1. Enhanced Features

Discourse offers robust features that cater specifically to our community’s needs. You’ll enjoy advanced functionalities such as:

  • Voting for Features: Your votes influence our roadmap, and they increase with your trust level.
  • Easier Technical Support: Get faster, more organized help.
  • Recognition Systems: Earn badges and awards for your contributions.
  • Rewards for Top Contributors: Active members can earn rewards like free Gainium usage!

2. Greater Accessibility

Our new forum unifies our community under one roof with a single, streamlined login system. This means no more juggling between Telegram and Discord—you can effortlessly access everything related to Gainium in one place. While the community and the app are two separate websites, we will start bridging the two in the coming weeks to make the community and app experience seamless.

3. Spam-Free Environment

We’re putting an end to spam. On our new platform, direct messages are limited to trusted users and admins, ensuring your experience is distraction-free.

4. Ownership of Our Space

Unlike Telegram and Discord, where policies are dictated by external entities, having our forum means we control our community. This independence ensures that our community will not be abruptly disrupted or subjected to external bans.

5. Open to the World

Our discussions on Discourse are searchable and visible on the web. This openness means anyone looking for information on topics we discuss can find us through search engines, bringing more visibility and new members into our community.

This move will improve our community interaction and align with our long-term vision of building a knowledgeable and engaged user base.

But what about the existing Discord and Telegram Group?

They are not going away (for now); we will not force people to choose sides. The idea is to let people decide for themselves which platform they prefer. However, we will prioritize using our Discourse community for the above reasons. If a platform usage falls bellow a threshold we may consider permanent closure.

We’re looking forward to seeing how you will use these new features! Let’s start the next chapter in our community’s journey.