Bug info: TOTAL USDC Deal should be $600 per deal not $1110

A suggestion could be to add the TOTAL PER BOT after saving and running the bot (this will include the max usage inlcuding all simultaneous deals)

I have 1 base of $100 and 5 DCA of $100 for a total of $600

I have checked it few days ago, and it shouldn’t happen

Here I made a screenshot in your bot. Can you provide steps to reproduce?

when you create a new bot you can see total per bot

I know you did because @aressanch told me it was fixed and when I checked it was right - basically the issue appears when the bot is already saved and running for some reasons - I will keep monitoring and if happens again I will let you know - thank you for checking

I’m mostly sure this happened after some actions on page, or maybe no action just opened page for a while. If it happens again and you will provide some more info it would be very helpful

I think I found the issue it’s because of the cache - when I opened the bot this morning the value was off again - then I refreshed the page and it fixed by itself