Add IF conditions to open a new simultaneous deal

Wondered if the bot could have IF conditions to open a new deal under the max opened deals settings or in the bot controller panel.

A few defined options:

  • Open a new simultaneous deal if the current deal doesn’t close within x seconds
  • Open a new simultaneous deal if the bot doesn’t open or close any orders within x seconds.
  • Open a new simultaneous deal if the previous deal closed with x seconds
  • Open a new simultaneous deal if the breakeven stay at the same price level for x seconds.

Hope you find it useful for different market conditions :orange_heart:


I really like this one! It made me think that other logical functions could also be useful.

Something quite useful would be to replace de + button when you want to add another indicator on a bot by two buttons : “AND” or “OR”.

The “AND” function would be used the same way than the + that is already there.

The “OR” function could be useful in some situations where only one of the conditions should be met to open a deal, take profit, SL or other.

For example :

  • Open a deal if : Supertrend is bullish “OR” Market Structure is bullish (both are good trend indicators but do not work exactly at the same time even if you are using them on the same timeframe)
  • Take Profit if : BB&B gets to 90% percentile “OR” Market Structure Swing Bearish” as you don’t want to achieve your 90% percentile when you are in a bearish trend, because the TP could result in a losing trade.

This could add a plethora of new possibilities, I think that something similar was asked in that post New to the community and the platform but here we have an easier functionality to implement that could make sense in the already existing Gainium platform without having to rethink the whole thing. Let me know what you think about this :smiley:


How do you want to use or? Like indicator1 or indicator2? Or you want to use the complete boolean algebra like (indicator1 and indicator2) or (indicator3 and indicator4) or indicator5. (The brackets are redundant and were only added for clarity.) And not already exists by inverting the indicator.

Yes this would be great :ok_hand: - I thought the same since on every platform the only option is AND and sometimes you can improve your strategy by only having an OR option - it’s always better to make clear the basic concept then build on top of it - see what others think and if there is enough interest @aressanch may consider to spend time and resources on this suggestion - thank you for taking the time to make a feedback and some suggestions :two_hearts:

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The first option indicator 1 or indicator 2 is what I had in mind, it can be easier to implement in a first time and then, if this works well and we need more complex strategies the complete boolean algebra could be implemented. Both can be useful, but I suggest starting with easier things.

I’m not an experienced coder so I have some difficulties with the utility of the NOT function here. As you said, by inverting the indicator and using an AND function you obtain the same results than with the NOT.

You already have a kind of or if you duplicate the bot and change the condition.

Bot1-C1 uses condition1
Bot1-C2 is a copy of Bot1-C1 but uses condition2

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That’s a good point, I hadn’t considered that. The concern is that with two separate bots, if both conditions are met, it would trigger two trades. Ideally, we’d want just one trade in that scenario. On the other hand, splitting the logic into separate bots just for a slightly different condition isn’t ideal, especially for users with limited bots. It would be better to have this functionality within a single bot.

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I have been doing this manually for the past days and the potential is huge especially for combo bots - every time the deal is collecting grid profit and the breakeven sits in the middle of the price range then I started a new simultaneous deal :ok_hand: