New to the community and the platform

Hi, I’m new exploring Gainium. I’ve been trading with and building bots on the french Kryll platform since 2019. Unfortunately the platform is forced by the french regulators to shut down automated trading. They will shift to other activities that no longer have my interest.
So i’m looking for an alternative. I am spoiled with an evolved user-friendly platform (they might put it up for sale) where I have been able to build bots without programming knowledge. That was successful because of the ease of their interface and the many parameters you can finetune. I’m curious what Gainium might have to offer…


Hi Rolf, welcome to Gainium. I have never used Kryll but I hope you also find Gainium easy to use. If you have any questions just let us know :slight_smile:

Hi Ares,

As Kryll in its current form will be operational untill the end of june and you can sign up for free I would certainly take a look at its editor and features while you can before it is gone.

I think It might be a great inspiration for Gainium. Kryll is super easy to use and currently has a lot more features than Gainium. Many Kryll users and strategy builders are looking for a new toolbox, Ganium might become that!

Meanwhile i’ll tinker around a bit and see what is (or not yet) possible to make your own bot/strategy.



I already asked once whether it would be an idea to built strategies e.g. based on visual programming with Google Blockly. At that time, @aressanch was referring me to other bot providers like Kryll or Haasonline because that shouldn’t be the focus of Gainium at that time.

These are the indicator tools i built with: Kryll Strategy Editor Blocks: Master Automated Trading Strategies

Were you a software developer at and created all those building blocks? Or what indicator tools do you mean - the Indicator Blocks of that site?

Sorry, word confusion (English is not my native language) I meant all the building blocks and their parameter settings that are available.
And no i’m not a softwaredeveloper, i have no programming knowledge, nor am I a Kryll employee. I was a supporting user since they started and have built strategies with their editor for both personal use and to rent out as a publisher on their marketplace. I’m looking for a suitable replacement platform where I can rebuild my strategies.