AUTO-Compound profit %

It would be great if we could auto-compound the bot profit as a third option for compounding, in addition to the existing options.

This way, we could choose to use TOTAL TOKEN, FREE TOKEN, or COMPOUND PROFIT.
This feature will allow traders to compound all profit generated by the bots into the same bots without touching the initial margin.


Hi Rossano! I’m having some trouble imagining how this would work, how do you want to coumpound without touching the inital margin? Can you give an example where this feature would be more useful than %free or %total ?
Because as I see it, for the S-strats that have a winrate of 100%, if you choose %total, it is only compounding realized profits already. For other strats that could be having negative PNLs, if the strategy does not take into account the loosing money, you could be opening overexposed positions if only the initial margin is considered :thinking:

Agreed, I think it should compound profit and loss, not just profit. If it compound profit only bot can run out of funds for opening bigger and bigger positions without counting for the loses.

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You are right @Perez and @aressanch - I prefer to start with the initial concept and then build on top of it so it doesn’t look overwhelming.

3commas has this feature but it never worked as it should :-1:
It was messing about with the statistics giving random number either on the amount reinvested (sometimes way bigger that the actual gains) and the overall bot stats (giving wrong ROI and win rate %) so it’s key that the Compound feature is built as two factors which adjust based on TWO action (TP and SL)

I think if we can start with the profit and then add the loss would be a great addition to the way we reinvest.

The whole feature should be DYNAMIC adjusting based on two factors - profit and risk.
One side based on the actual profit and one side based on SL or positions closed in loss.
The idea is that the AUTO-compound percentage adjust based on the bot profitability.

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Compounding our profits for all profitable trades would be a great idea.

The compound feature as currently designed is difficult to manage when we have more than one strategy using the same account or sub-account - why? Because more bots will share the percentage of the same FREE or TOTAL amount - this means that the only way to run a compound strategy is to make 1 subaccount and to use it ONLY for that strategy.

The solution would be adding a compound profit where only the gained profit from that specific bot get compounded and so each bot can use the max amount and then the compound is made only by the profit added after each closed trade.