BB%B scalping strategy - tests & optimizations

I told you @remy1111 that this strategy doesn’t not perferm on binance exchnage and it is one coin strategy when i test it with 8 to 9 coins , then it produces negative results

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I’ve tried with multiple strategies to create an profitable short bot and my conclusion was always the same: downside is limited to -100% and the potential upside where a coin could go up is unlimited. The odds are against you when you go short.

@remy1111 are you running a real bot on your strategy if yes, will you share the results so far?

I stopped the bot because the results were slightly disappointing.
Because what I often saw was some differences between real, paper and backtest. Of course that was to be expected, because it is impossible to get those 3 environments equal. But because the bot sometimes makes small gains of 0.25%, you do see a big difference especially on real. Just a fictitious example:
Real: - 0,25%
Paper: 0,05%
Backtest: 0,1%

Now those differences are not very big at first, but do that 50x (again fictitious number), and then it does add up in terms of loss or low profit.

So now I made another version of the bot that works on 1h instead of 15min, so the deals stay open longer but the profits are bigger. And if he takes 5% profit on paper/backtest and only 4% on real, I don’t care, because then there is a profit instead of a minimal loss.

I also have this one active on real, will keep you updated.


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I think that is because of slippage or order book size of the exchange. I am running your strategy and it only took 6 trades in last 31 days. When i backtested the same period. It also showed 6 trades but only difference was percentages of profit and loss. Otherwise deals and profitable and losing trades were the same.