Combo bot min used DCA TP + indicator

Currently i see the combo bot exiting at used DCA TP and max DCA TP
I would like to see it do a min TP + indicator setup like 3commas TP setup on dca bots

Example long combo bot has say 2% used DCA min TP + RSI/PSAR crossing down
Both TP and indicator condition must be true to close the combo bot deal
This way we stay in deals longer but for big positions which go up we make a decent amount of $$

Only the last grid level would be able to make use of that, which would possibly only a small part of the combo bot’s funds. What would be the benefit to use a conditional TP for that?

There is a somehow similar suggestion for trailing take profit for grid bots here.

If say you have trade alts standard settings in combo bot.
RC is around 45% for 60% drop

Once coin goes up 45% we would have sold a chunk of coins but another chunk remains instead of selling at say 2% TP the pump might sustain giving more gains