COMBO - not able to edit number of DCA on running deal

Bug info: I was never able to add one or more DCAs to a running deal on a combo bot by using edit

Deal ID: 6662f7870f881ece5f284447

  • Bot URL → Gainium app
  • [Optional] Steps to reproduce → Open a combo trade - then increase the number of DCA
  • Expected result → After editing the deal the bot should add more DCA orders

I know the bot is over budget atm by I tried before and it never worked - just wondering if it is something possible or not, then it could be deactivated in the edit settings

Number of DCA orders are applied on the next deal. Too many things to consider to be able to update the current deal, and possibly a lot of bugs because of edge cases.

Do you think disabling the option in the edit panel will make it more clear for the user?

Currently there should be a display message before saving the bot stating that settings change will affect the next deal. We cannot disable it because the user may want to update on the next deal.

got you - I think we are referring to 2 different things - I’m about the three dots next to an opened deal where those edits will affect only that running deal and not following deals or the bot itself - hope it makes sense

Ah right, yes it should be disabled there thanks for the heads up.

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so we cannot add DCAs to a running combo deal - topic closed :sweat_smile:
I wish we could

A topic for the feature requests :grin:. Maybe Maksym can let us know how difficult it is, but my understanding is that there are many things to consider, especially when the edit happens after DCA orders that should have been placed but were already missed.

@maksym.shamko if you think it’s something we can discuss further I will open a topic in the feature request section - I think it will be a great addition to handle risk and funds management either for missing orders (when we have high volatility, bugs or not enough funds) or simply when we want to add more funds to ‘potentially’ close the deal faster

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I do indeed wish we could simply add funds to a combo bot, just as in a DCA bot. This would solve all this. The we could add funds at any price we wanted, thus creating more dca lines.

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Also @Chavalart is looking for this feature to be added but it’s better to have something which works properly rather than a feature that could potentially mess about with our deals

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That could be true. It would be great if it acted as a grid bot in that way, but added DCA lines with their corresponding sells instead of grid line,. I assumed that I could do that when I started the combo bot. it was a bit of a shock when I couldn’t do it that way, especially since the coin prices have dropped 40% or more. I think it would help us all, who have a bot stuck right now, to be able to do this. If I were to close the bot now, I would suffer a loss of over $1000. So I will have to ride it out or hope an update will come along so the bot will reach my breakeven point or my profit % much sooner.

I second option could be to run a simultaneous deal using the dynamic price filter and more than one active deal at the time - funny enough I made a strategy which uses this logic :wink:

The logic is quite simple each deal covers a price range then if the price falls over that range it starts a new deal - this way the bot never stops and you have better changes of closing a deal faster by starting a fresh deal at a lower price

Hope it helps :two_hearts:

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Thanks Rossano. The mix bot is a very interesting idea.

You are most welcome - have a look at the rest of the S-strategies you may find it interesting :blush:

But I would still like to be able to add funds at any price. So that we could have a bit more control of our funds and buy at support and resistance. When this bot ends, I will probably switch to a DCA bot so that I have more control.

There is a strategy for every needs - look at the S-10 you will find it very interesting :blush:

Now that is what I am looking for. except for the dynamic price filter. I didn’t realize we could start a bot at any price we wanted. Once started, if using static, can we adjust the static price filter? And the combo bot is great if the price is going up or sideways, but because we cannot add funds or dca and grid lines, when the price takes a huge drop like it has now, the combo bot is not that good. I am now pretty much stuck and cannot do anything to get it to keep buying a and selling so it will close soon.

The main point of using a combo over a grid is the fact that it can move with the price - dynamic price filter allows the bot to move both directions.
If you use min/max price it starts or stops within a range.
Yes it will be good if we can have the ability to add more DCA on those running deals

Yes. I hope they change it soon. And I may look more into dynamic. But to have the most control. I may just do daytrading in the trading terminal. Set up a buy, split targets, and if the price drops, add more funds. If all targets are met, buy again. Rinse and repeat. I wish i had thought of it before I used most of my “willing to lose” funds.