Comparison BTC spot long/"short"

A comparison of different simple bots on spot for those wondering about “short” deals on spot. It’s not about gaining from the “short” deal itself but from the mindset to hold base and profit from its price changes.

This is a basic example and could surely be enhanced regarding its settings. But even like that it might be interesting to get started.

The idea would be to start with the same $ amount in e.g. four different sub-accounts. E.g., $100 in USDT for the long bots and in BTC for the “short” bots each.

Just for information, your first link is not showing any bot but the settings are no hard to find looking at the other bots.

Are you planning to do some backtests, opening these bots and show the results later or just having a discussion on what would be the best option? :grin:

To improve the settings, it may be worth taking the (S-10) DCA by Simultaneous Deals made by @Rossano and compare the results obtained with each one of these options. Also something that would be super nice, is the possibility of doing a multi-bot backtest for these kind of situations where you want to profit from price changes and you are opening a short and a long at the same time.

The best option is to run all 4 together - performance are not important when comparing against each others because they perform best in turn. If you run all 4 when longs wait shorts work and viceversa

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