Dynamic DCA amount scaling

Currently we can only configure the volume scale or volume that we want to spent for a DCA step. For scaled and custom mode, at least Example orders for a deal give a hint of the result. With indicator based DCA steps this section also shows an example based on the configured deviations per step, but those are most likely not those of the real deal.

Therefore it would be great, if we could configure the safety order size by configuring the required change to reach the configured (minimum) take profit after the safety order was executed instead of the DCA amount.

This could be configured per DCA step differently. In a later step this could also take the ATR or something else into account to make to maybe using even less funds without missing the chance to close the deal.

Because of its dynamic nature we should be able to limit the funds per deal because we maybe don’t know the deviation on that the DCA order was triggered.

The Trading Math Formula for that is the volume factor to take profit of my homepage. It scales the total deal size. In case of questions, feel free to ask.

By the way, according to that I could also request another feature that takes care of the required before a safety order is executed. Shall I add that as well?

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@aressanch Is it okay like that? Or are you missing something?

It’s ok for now I will let you know if I need anything else.

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Anything new about that? Wasn’t it meant to start implementing this the previous week?